We'll eventually post puzzles and solutions here, but not until the school year is over — we have papers to write! For now, you can see the results from The Apprentice: Zorg as an Excel file, or look at photos from the event.

Please send your own photos of the event and a copy of your team's rap to [tazinfo@taftraft.com] so that we can put them up here!

Solutions to the pre-game application puzzles and starting location puzzle are now up.

N.B. Occasionally, for convenience sake, a puzzle and/or solution will be presented in PDF format. These will not display properly on a Macintosh in Preview, however Adobe Acrobat will work just fine on a Macintosh or PC.

A list of puzzles (and their chronologically thematic relevance):
ARMED - The ZF5!
TRASH - Presidential surveillance
PATHS - Words on the streets
MAGIC - Magic squares
CUBES - Elementary puzzles
CLONE - Leeloo's unusual DNA
GAMES - The dreaded boardroom meeting
NOBEL - Nucleolab romp
COUNT - 12 minutes of terror
FUSED - Nuclear fusion
SNAFU - Mission: Mission
STALE - Gemini Croquettes
MULTI - Multipass!
RADIO - Ruby Rhod on Radio Cosmos
POUCH - Fhloston "Paradice"
MUSIC - The Diva's concert
LASER - Anyone else wanna negotiate?
UNITY - Come together
STONE - Four stones, four elements
SENSES - Use six senses to create the sixth element
SPHERE - A soccer ball of pure evil

Disclaimer: While puzzle descriptions and solutions are in the process of appearing on this page, there may well be many mistakes at the moment!

Reviews and Comments

A writeup from Larry Hosken (Mystic Fish) (and an addendum)
A writeup from Peter Sarrett (Briny Deep) over at Static Zombie
Comments from Jesse Morris (Flying Taxi)
Comments from Jan Chong (coed astronomy)
Comments from Irwin Dolobowsky (Team Sharkbait)
Comments from John Owens (Snakes on a Plane)

Who ate the borax?

After discovering that at least one person from many of the teams tried eating the borax, I decided to start keeping a tally....